Businesses are now on the Covid-19 Front-line

Businesses are now on the Covid-19 Front-line

It's time for businesses to solve the Covid-19 challenge.

The blanket shutdowns by governments are a crude tool compared to planned, point-of-interaction solutions that can protect and secure your team and customers.

If we want to get the UK economy going again it will be up to the entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers to create safety frameworks that make a real difference in our fight to stop the spread of this virus.

In the cold light of day, it is clear that business is now firmly placed on the front-line. We need the economy to work to fund the hospitals, the medical workers, the furlough payments and potentially... the next countrywide shutdown this winter. We need solutions that keep the logistics networks open, get the schools teaching again, that keep workers safe and comfortable in the knowledge that the very highest standards are in place to protect them.

Across the globe businesses are starting to drive on-the-ground initiatives to achieve this:

  • Restaurants in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland are temperature testing customers on entry
  • Tourism Portugal has introduced a Safe & Clean certification for hotels to prove they have the appropriate level of disinfecting and hand sanitiser available throughout a guests stay
  • Even McDonald's in the US has mandated mask use inside their restaurants

We have watched governments do their best as they slowly contemplate the facts as they currently stand but business knows how to move quicker. Businesses absorb and solve problems in hours not months. Businesses find answers and make things work. Businesses understand public liability insurance, health & safety, process, measurement; most of all, businesses understands results - you either succeed or you fail, that is what businesses take on each and every day they open their doors.

ClearWater Hygiene want to establish standards in the UK that certify businesses operating on the front-line are demonstrably protecting the economy against Covid-19.   

Launching our new Smart Stand, that has been manufactured in collaboration with Furturama, is part of that effort.

Our new flagship safety unit features a height adjustable infrared thermometer in addition to our integrated Motion Sensors Dispenser. The unit is offered at an affordable price point and can be combined with our Managed Services to guarantee monthly supply of 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser supplier.

The Smart Stand is another example of 100% British manufacturing that is creating British jobs and supporting British companies get Back to Business.

Point-of-interaction testing needs to be comprehensive: temperature testing, hand hygiene mandated, always available hospital grade 80% Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser Rub that evaporates quickly and cleanly with no sticky residue. The highest standards need to be the minimum standard.

Had these standards been put in place by government then perhaps the outbreak in Aberdeen would have been limited.

We can no longer wait for government. Business is on the front-line and business needs to lead the way on the standards the protect our economy, jobs and taxes that fund our hospitals and key workers.

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