EN14476 Certification confirms high quality of our product

EN14476 Certification confirms high quality of our product

ClearWater Hygiene has consistently stated that the 'highest standard is the minimum standard' when it comes to combatting Covid-19, protecting your team and customers and keeping businesses open.

With the new three-tier lockdown system coming into force it is important that we, as businesses, do everything in our power to keep the R-rate down and local infection rates as low as possible.

We have always carried the EN1276 and EN1500 certificates and produced an 80% hand sanitiser product that exceeds WHO production guidelines. The choice to provide our business customers with a liquid rub instead of a sticky gel is also founded in our commitment to offer a hand sanitiser that is as beneficial and risk minimising as it can be. 

We are proud that we have now also achieved EN14476 certification, confirming that our product kills not just bacteria on your hands but also certified to kill viruses that are present too.

It has taken us four months to secure this certification that confirms the very highest standards that ClearWater Hygiene hand sanitiser provides.

We will continue to strive to deliver only the best to all our loyal customers.

Working in partnership, with the right product in your company, you too are defeating the virus on the frontline of the UK economy.