Opinion piece on the support needed to kickstart the economy

Opinion piece on the support needed to kickstart the economy

The Herald has published an important opinion piece by our CEO, Andrew Montague.

Andrew outlines his views on how we need to see businesses take the lead in establishing safety measures and how government needs to step in with support for these actions.

The devastation of blanket shutdowns can only be stopped when the appropriate safety framework is in place across a majority of businesses. Jobs, revenues and taxes are being shattered when entire regional economies are brought to a halt due to highly localised spikes in Covid-19.

Only with a partnership between business and government can true safety and prevention be locked into our economies. Although some investment is needed upfront, Andrew puts forward the case that this cash will be returned to the tax payer from higher taxes if we can keep more businesses open.

All the answers are not yet available but business needs engaged to rapidly seek the answers to higher employee, visitor and customer protection as the outbreak continues.

You can view the whole article here: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18645180.agenda-business-needs-support-preventing-covid-spikes/