Smart Stand launched across UK

Smart Stand launched across UK

ClearWater Hygiene are proud to announce our £2.5m digital signage partnership with One Digital Signage to enhance hygiene safety for businesses throughout the UK.

Under the agreement, One Digital Signage will deliver an initial 500 devices to ClearWater with an option to supply up to 1,000 units. As well as enabling their customers to better manage the fight against the pandemic.

The digital display screens enable business customers using ClearWater hand sanitiser products to promote essential front of house hygiene security information. Built into ClearWater’s smart stand, which also includes an adjustable infrared temperature camera and integrated motion sensing dispenser, the screens will deliver health and safety instructions to people entering a business or office premises.

Andrew Montague, CEO of ClearWater Hygiene, said: “We’re delighted to be working with One Digital, specialist designers and manufacturers of innovative display products. Combined with our high quality hand sanitiser products, this technology will help businesses in the fight against Covid by enabling them to promote essential front of house hygiene security information. As we are able to supply these screens to our customers with no upfront costs, I’m confident we will see a rapid roll-out of these devices in shops, hospitality businesses, offices and other public-facing premises across the UK.

Richard Westhead, CEO of One Digital Signage said: “This exciting partnership with ClearWater, a fast-growing and dynamic company, provides a UK-wide base to showcase our products. This investment will enable ClearWater’s customers to better manage health and safety within their premises and help them get back on track as the economy begins to open up again.”

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