The Herald publishes news story on ClearWater Hygiene

The Herald publishes news story on ClearWater Hygiene

ClearWater Hygiene has received more press coverage of our SMART Stand launch.

The unit solves two Covid-19 response challenges at once by combining an infrared temperature camera and motion sensor in one SMART stand.

It is designed to enable pubs, venues and the hospitality sector (along with other public-facing businesses) to monitor customers for coronavirus symptoms in a bid to minimise the risk of further spreading the pandemic. This has been especially important given the lockdown in Aberdeen due to unchecked spread in multiple pubs.

Scottish-headquartered ClearWater Hygiene has signed up a number of licenced premises looking to implement enhanced safety standards in preparation for re-opening their doors once the existing lockdown in the city is lifted.

The SMART Stands have also been quickly adopted by a major UK building supplier and several schools and universities. 

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