Why is Rub better than Gel?

Why is Rub better than Gel?

We often get asked what the benefits of Liquid Rub are when compared to Gel. We made the video below to show the very clean hygiene that a rub provides when viewed against a sticky gel.

Although some people feel that the addition of aloe vera and thickeners will make a sanitiser kinder on the hands, in reality, the residue and prolonged absorption time of gels tends to agitate the skin more versus the quick drying of a high quality rub.

Once people try a rub they tend to find using a gel a messy experience. Obviously any stickiness left of the hand by a gel presents the risk of picking up more germs as well.

Another point to consider is that customers can feel quite uncomfortable when they're hands feel less clean after they use a gel than before. In a shop environment it is hard for a customer to know if they should handle produce, products or clothing while their hand is sticky.

As a producer of liquid rub we were bound to say this but almost all of us have used a gel over the past months and few gels stray far from the experience described above.

Anyway, we'll leave the decision to you: