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Hand Sanitiser for schools, colleges and universities

Encouraging our children to wash their hands has been a constant lesson throughout the Covid-19 pandemic; hand sanitation in schools has never been so crucial in the UK. ClearWater Hygiene has supported the education sector throughout the pandemic by supplying hand sanitiser to schools, universities and other educational settings.

Hand sanitiser is not an outright replacement for washing hands as it is less effective when hands are visibility dirty or greasy. It is best practice to use soap and water to remove dirt, grease and germs first.

When to encourage students to wash their hands?

Ensure your students sanitise their hands before:

  • Eating
  • Touching an open wound such as a cut or scrape
  • Touching their mouth, nose or eyes

It would help if you also encouraged your students to sanitise their hands after:

  • Going to the bathroom.
  • After touching playground equipment.
  • If they have touched an animal or school pet.
  • After they have touched garbage.
  • They have eaten food.
  • After they’ve touched a communal surface.

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Hand Sanitiser dispensers for schools uk

When to offer students hand sanitiser?

The spread of germs and bacteria is rife in education settings, where pupils and students interact in close proximity. While teachers will be asking students to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day, hand sanitiser is the perfect way to maintain excellent hygiene in the education setting. Hand sanitiser is the primary back up when you can’t get to soap and water.

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content. Placed at key entry points, staff, students, and visitors can easily get into the habit of cleaning their hands on entering the building. Students can also be offered hand sanitiser before they enter the classroom.

Why hand sanitation is crucial for your school?

Frequent hand sanitation is reported to increase attendance and educational achievement. Good hygiene practices help ensure children are healthy so that they can attend class and learn. Children across the globe are missing a cumulative total of 272 million school days each year – hand washing can reduce school absenteeism caused by influenza, diarrhoea and other contagious illnesses too.

How can you help students with their hand sanitation?

Proper handwashing is the number one way to stop germs from spreading. Hand sanitiser can ensure hands are well sanitised to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria in the classroom. Demonstrate these five easy steps to your students for washing hands:

  1. Wet hands with clean, running water, then apply soap.
  2. Lather hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Be sure to get in between fingers, around the thumbs, underneath the nails and on the backs of the hands.
  3. Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds – you can even sing a jingle to motivate students to encourage complete handwashing.
  4. Rinse hands well under clean, running water.
  5. Make sure hands are thoroughly dry.

The same principles apply to cleaning hands with hand sanitiser:

  1. Use the amount of rub indicated on the bottle or released by the dispenser.
  2. Make sure you rub the sanitiser all over your hands and then work it well between your fingers and under your fingernails.
  3. Rub for at least 20 seconds until your hands feel dry (rub is far better for this than gels).
  4. Don't rinse your hands afterwards, they are now clean and sanitised.

As students and teachers are returning to schools, college and university campuses, you can ensure they are kept covid safe and secure. Without a doubt, you will already have plans to reduce the risk of Covid-19 within the classroom setting; these will most likely include strategies to maintain good health and hygiene in your setting.

ClearWater Hygiene can work with you to ensure your students, teachers, and visitors are in a clean and safe environment. Our managed services packages are not only stress-free and straightforward, but they also offer you a guaranteed continuous supply of hand sanitiser, so you’re never at risk of dropping your covid protection level.

In addition, we have a great range of smart hand sanitiser dispensers that are perfect for dispensing hand sanitiser for schools, colleges and universities. All our dispensers are suitable for positioning throughout your workplace, particularly areas that receive consistent footfall. Our goal and yours is to provide peace of mind and avoid potential risk wherever possible.

  • 1Give clear guidance to students and staff to keep your locations safe and compliant. HD Screens demonstrate your investment in the best protection and standards for your pupils.
  • 224/7 promotion of your education services and current site visit policies with high visibility screens that can be seen in your main foyer. QR-codes can also be used to run NHS Track and Trace programmes.
  • 3Optionally, you can reduce costs by featuring external promotions from your sponsors and partners as you see fit and according to your own internal policies. All managed for you by ClearWater HD.
hand sanitiser dispenser sensor stands for schools

Keep your team and customers safe

Includes a continuous supply of Medical Grade Sanitiser

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per month


No capital costs and no installation or maintenance costs.

All of our Smart Stands can be purchased outright, for example, our Advanced Smart Stand has a retail price of £2,499 + VAT with volume discounts available for bulk orders.

Alternatively, if you select one of our Managed Services then it can be installed in your establishment for zero capital cost from as little as £99 per month with a monthly supply of 2 x 5ltrs of medical grade sanitiser. If you require a high volume of Hand Sanitiser each month the unit can even be provided Free-of-Cost with certain Managed Services.

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Edinburgh School Hand Sanitiser Dispenser TestimonialRachel Craig

Edinburgh Steiner School


Edinburgh Steiner School have been working with ClearWater Hygiene. They’ve been really straightforward to work with, really went to lengths to ensure we have exactly what we need, and have products we are very confident will give our staff and pupils the highest level of protection against the current pandemic.


“It was important to us to use a product made in the UK and so we were delighted to find ClearWater UK. We worked with them on branded stands for our event, and this process couldn’t have been more straightforward or personal. The stands and dispensers were hugely popular with our customers and staff, who loved how the hand sanitiser dries so quickly, is odourless and wasn’t sticky at all, so no sticky fingers eating our food! We’d definitely recommend ClearWater Hygiene.”

Rachel Sivills-McCann

Events Producer

“The motion sensor dispensers we ordered from ClearWater Hygiene were delivered on time as promised and have proved really popular with our customers and office staff who all love the liquid hand sanitiser – It’s very quick drying and smells great too! We’ve also seen a huge uptake in sanitiser usage in our private hire cars where we have some smaller ClearWater Hygiene bottles for the customers to use, I would happily recommend them to other organisations.”

Phil Willis

Fleet Manager

ClearWater Hygiene have been invaluable providing an informative and exceptional service during the current pandemic. With not knowing the intrinsic differences between competing hand sanitiser products, purchasing from a company that is supplying the NHS and endorsed with two European Standards was reassuring. ClearWater Hygiene’s 80% alcohol content, non-greasy and ‘Made in Britain’ hand sanitiser has proved extremely popular and the Premium Stand epitomises our building’s professional image. The company has understood my requirements and acted in a professional manner.

Paul Hanison MRICS

Ian Scott International

“Working directly with ClearWater Hygiene has given us confidence in a guaranteed supply of a quality products that the normal supply chain has struggled to do. The control measures they have enabled are allowing us to demonstrate good hygiene practice for all our community.”

David Oakley

Churchill College (Cambridge University)

“ClearWater Hygiene were a great company to use for our hand sanitisation needs, they provided an exemplary service within a short timeframe. Even when one of our motion sensor dispensers was found to be faulty, Sam and his team didn’t hesitate to resolve the problem. We would be happy to recommend ClearWater to other organisations.”

Imogen Ensoll

Edinburgh International Festival

“At Lambert Smith Hampton, we have found ClearWater Hygiene to have quality products and are able to turn around orders quickly. The pocket liquid hand sanitisers are popular with staff and are handy to carry.”

Mark Stewart

Lambert Smith Hampton

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Our Promise

ClearWater UK Liquid Hand Sanitiser is an 80% alcohol hand sanitiser, 100% British made, protecting the UK’s key workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

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