Smart Stand - ClearWater Hygiene

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Thermometer

Smart Stand - ClearWater Hygiene

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A Smart Stand that incorporates both a Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispenser and an adjustable Infrared Temperature Camera:

  • Integrated Motion Sensor Dispenser that dispenses 1ml per application in a “mist” format (battery operated 3 x C-grade battery)
  • 500ml container to hold the Liquid Hand Sanitiser 
  • Adjustable infrared temperature camera with digital display (with a USP cable that needs either mains charge or mobile battery charge).

Due to the mechanical nature of this product the unit is not shipped containing any of our 80% Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser Rub.

This is an over-sized product with delivery calculated as needing 20 boxes per unit. 

£599.00 per Stand (Ex.Vat)
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