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Reassuring patients and medical workers at the very frontline of the Covid-19 response is a challenge in and of itself. Your hygiene basics must be visible and robust, they must shepherd everyone entering your clinic / surgery to adhere to the very highest standards to mitigate the risks of contagion in an already higher risk environment.

Hygiene compliance is typically higher in healthcare settings. To deliver the most comprehensive protection an integrate point-of-entry solution can quickly and effectively set the standards you require to be met from all entrants to your premises. The best practices below outline the benefits of this approach.

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Best Practice Guidelines

Follow ECDC policy for enveloped viruses

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) notes that alcohol-based disinfectants have been shown to significantly reduce infectivity of enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 in concentrations of 70%-80%.

ClearWater Hygiene only sell 80% alcohol liquid hand santisier. Working to the maximum 80% threshold laid out by the ECDC demonstrates on a Health & Safety, Insurance and Public Liability level shows that you have implemented the most stringent standards.

Ensure you have all the certificates

Our hand sanitiser is 80% ethanol and EN14476 certified – which means that it is virucidal and certified as medical grade. It also carries full CE1276 and CE1500 certification as an effective anti-bacterial agent.

The hand sanitiser is produced in a liquid format that is non-sticky and quick drying further contributing to good hygiene. Our Smart Stand uses advanced technology to monitor stock levels to ensure there is never a break in your hygiene policy.

Temperature check at point of entry

Temperature checking is now a default procedure that delivers an additional layer of assessment and certainty to healthcare environments. The three steps of: 1. Temperature Check, 2. Track Visit and 3. Sanitise with high grade sanitiser are now fundemental components of a comprehensive Covid-19 Response Strategy.

Integrating these three steps into a single Smart Stand removes the time overhead and contact levels present if your team have to manually carry out these tasks. It also acts as a point-of-entry sentinel, defining and maintaining your safety procedures from the moment patients arrive at your premises.

Automation and Track + Trace

Many infection prevention professionals believe that touchless technology is having an impact on reducing the possibility of hand contamination. Feedback from customers typically shows touchless dispensers solicit more usage than pump based ones leading to an increase in compliance and a decrease in risk.

ClearWater Hygiene has also added Track + Trace to all our automatic dispenser stands. This can compliment your own patient logging system or act as an additional time saving feature, allowing patients to quickly register both their exact entrance and exit times to your premises.

Don't run out

Demand for hand sanitiser remains very high, especially from medical grade UK suppliers. Patients are all too familiar with stores and venues that have empty, dripping dispensers - in a medical setting, running out of sanitiser is not feasible.

ClearWater Hygiene has guaranteed supply right here in the UK through our Managed Services. A regular supply will be delivered to you on a monthly basis for the duration of your contract - Guaranteed.


No business anticipated the financial burdens that Covid-19 has created. ClearWater Hygiene has led the way on fair, subscription based standing order contracts that remove the captial costs inherent in delpoying dispensers in your healthcare setting.

As an example, our most advanced Smart Stand has a retail price of £2,499 + VAT yet can be installed in your business for zero capital cost as per below:

  • Integrated thermometer, sanitiser dispenser and Track + Trace
  • 5 Litre capacity with remote monitoring for low stock levels
  • Stocked monthly with high grade 80% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser (EN1276, EN1500, EN14476 virucidal)
  • Solid metal stand and frame construction with shatterproof screen (also wall mountable)
  • IP44 splash proof certified
  • Installation and 3-year full warranty included as standard
  • No installation, maintenance or media management costs
  • Helps mandate to staff and customers the three steps of: 1. Temperature Check 2. Track Visit 3. Sanitise
  • Full HD screen for Safety guidance + promotional segments
  • Can be configured with external advertising disabled or enabled - subject to a full media approval process
  • Supplied with a monthly supply of 2 x 5ltrs of medical grade sanitiser from as little as £99 per month; or
  • Provided free of cost with bespoke Manage Service contracts of 4 x 5 Litres per month or more
Healthcare Hand sanitiser

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Roge Nicolas

Acting Home Manager, Braeburn Care Home


We are really happy with the product, very easy to set up and very economical as well compared to the gel that we previously used. We think it’s a very good investment.


“It was important to us to use a product made in the UK and so we were delighted to find ClearWater UK. We worked with them on branded stands for our event, and this process couldn’t have been more straightforward or personal. The stands and dispensers were hugely popular with our customers and staff, who loved how the hand sanitiser dries so quickly, is odourless and wasn’t sticky at all, so no sticky fingers eating our food! We’d definitely recommend ClearWater Hygiene.”

Rachel Sivills-McCann

Events Producer

“The motion sensor dispensers we ordered from ClearWater Hygiene were delivered on time as promised and have proved really popular with our customers and office staff who all love the liquid hand sanitiser – It’s very quick drying and smells great too! We’ve also seen a huge uptake in sanitiser usage in our private hire cars where we have some smaller ClearWater Hygiene bottles for the customers to use, I would happily recommend them to other organisations.”

Phil Willis

Fleet Manager

ClearWater Hygiene have been invaluable providing an informative and exceptional service during the current pandemic. With not knowing the intrinsic differences between competing hand sanitiser products, purchasing from a company that is supplying the NHS and endorsed with two European Standards was reassuring. ClearWater Hygiene’s 80% alcohol content, non-greasy and ‘Made in Britain’ hand sanitiser has proved extremely popular and the Premium Stand epitomises our building’s professional image. The company has understood my requirements and acted in a professional manner.

Paul Hanison MRICS

Ian Scott International

“Working directly with ClearWater Hygiene has given us confidence in a guaranteed supply of a quality products that the normal supply chain has struggled to do. The control measures they have enabled are allowing us to demonstrate good hygiene practice for all our community.”

David Oakley

Churchill College (Cambridge University)

“ClearWater Hygiene were a great company to use for our hand sanitisation needs, they provided an exemplary service within a short timeframe. Even when one of our motion sensor dispensers was found to be faulty, Sam and his team didn’t hesitate to resolve the problem. We would be happy to recommend ClearWater to other organisations.”

Imogen Ensoll

Edinburgh International Festival

“At Lambert Smith Hampton, we have found ClearWater Hygiene to have quality products and are able to turn around orders quickly. The pocket liquid hand sanitisers are popular with staff and are handy to carry.”

Mark Stewart

Lambert Smith Hampton

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BSEN 1276 Approved

Our Promise

ClearWater UK Liquid Hand Sanitiser is an 80% alcohol hand sanitiser, 100% British made, protecting the UK’s key workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

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