2 x Rapid Mist Dispenser Multipack - ClearWater Hygiene

Rapid Mist Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

2 x Rapid Mist Dispenser Multipack - ClearWater Hygiene

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A box of 2 x Rapid Mist Dispensers for use as a desk, counter or reception top device that provides immediate protection and can sanitise hands and objects.

The fine mist is released upwards when motion is detected above the device.  This is especially useful for:

  • Quickly cleaning hands during typing or after taking paperwork, credit cards, products of customers and colleagues
  • Repeated cleansing of  phone receivers, pens, bar code scanners
  • Personal use to sanitise wallets, keys etc. as the spray leaves no residue

The touch-free access to hand sanitiser provides an additional layer of hygiene confidence as users do not need to touch the device to dispense sanitiser. The fine mist that is generally preferred once experienced.

Due to the mechanical nature of this product the unit is not shipped containing any of our 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.

£40.00 per Pack (Ex.Vat)
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